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Shared Boy & Girl Bedroom Makeover: The Before Pictures


After a lot of thinking, debating, talking, Pete and I have decided that it’s time to put Finley (our baby boy) in the same room with this sister, Saylor. For a while, we contemplated making an addition above our roof or buying a new home, but neither of those options are smart right now financially. Even though I did not want to put Finley in the same room with Saylor (I feel like she’s too old to share a room), we are doing it. P.S. Saylor is super stoked to be sharing a room with her brother, so what do I know! ;)

My main goal in creating a shared boy’s & girl’s room was to make a space that worked for both of them and was decorated in a tasteful, clean, modern manner…all while on a budget. My original budget was $0! But, I did end up purchasing a few things and I’m liking the way it is looking so far! So alas, the reluctant mom carries on…

Next week, I’ll be doing some of the big reveal of the shared space, so I thought you might be interested to see what the room looked like before!

Here were some of the original guidelines I gave myself in re-decorating the room:

  • Low Budget or No Budget
  • Re-use existing furniture, bins, baskets, wall decor
  • Move all of Saylor’s clothes into the closet & get rid of her dresser
  • Keep paint color the same
  • Create a book nook

Stay tuned next week, when I show you the new room and some of the projects! P.S. I’ve already shared the Dr. Seuss Letter Project here!

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