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Renter’s Hack: How to Get a Designer Wall Treatment with a $2 item!

Ever since I saw this hallway on Apartment Therapy, I KNEW that I needed this wall treatment in my new Austin home. ¬†We have a built-in nook in the formal living room, where the coral armoire will live. But since we can’t paint our rental home, I had to find a way to add some life to the nook.


Instead, I went on down to Walmart Amazon Now’d a $2 roll of electrical tape and enlisted my husband for what turned out to be an amazing project! (You guys…you can Amazon NOW a freaking roll of tape!! How awesome is that?)

What you’ll need:

  • Black electrical tape
  • Level
  • Pencil


First we measured the wall and decided on how many rows we wanted. Our wall was 79×116 and we wanted 8 rows, so we divided the spaces by the number of rows and marked the center point with a pencil.


You want to make sure that the first row you do is perfect because you will use this row to measure off of for the rest of the wall. Not gonna lie, it took us several times to get the first row just right. But once we did, it was easy peasy.


Once the first row was done, we taped the level to the wall and continued to place the vertical piece of tape every 7.5 inches. Then once all of the vertical pieces of tape were placed, we went back and placed the horizontal tape. We kind of just eyeballed the horizontal tape, so they are in now way precise, however, to the naked’s barely noticeable!

finished-wall copy



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