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Reader Room Re-do: Tropical Inspired Living Room on a Budget


Every once in a while, I get lucky and get a room re-do request from a reader (or in this case a friend!). Shawna said that this was her dream living room, so I thought I’d go ahead and show her that not only can she afford a living room like this..but it can be kid-friendly too…which is good, because she’s got baby #3 on the way!

Let’s start with the couches shall we? Per the usual, I’m going back to my favorite Ikea Ektorp sofas. You cannot beat the price AND the fact that they come with slipcovers, make these super family friendly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve popped these into the washing machine after a spill!

Now these rattan chairs from Home Depot are a little more lightweight than what’s shown in the picture, however, I think they would still fit right in in this living room and be comfy enough to sit on

I love the square coffee table in this pic! But to get it at a great price, you are going to have to do a little work. I recommend picking up this La Fuenta Rustic Pine Coffee Table priced at $183 and using a gray/brown stain to make it a little darker so that it fits into the room!

Aren’t the drapes dramatic? I love that they are set high and have a sweeping feeling to them. I’ve selected these 108 inch Arm & Hammer Curtains priced at only $14 to set the stage for this room.

Add a little pop of the tropics with these palm plants from Home Depot. Priced at just under $18 per plant you can sprinkle a few throughout the room to give it some life.

I love the idea of the apothecary jars in this living room. I imagine you can fill them with sand and shells from the beach giving it a real tropical vibe! You can pick up this set of 3 jars on Amazon for less than $25 dollars.

You can’t have a tropical room without something made out of teakwood in it! I found this circular side table made of teakwood at and decided that it needed to be in this room!

I was originally looking for a rattan based table lamp, but then I saw this one on the Target website and loved the shape and contrast of materials to the rest of the items in the room and the fact that it was under $50 was a win too!

Got a room, you’d like me to re-do? Send a link or photo of the room to chrystievachon AT!

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