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Reader Room Inspiration: How Do I Decorate with a Red Couch?


I received this email from Nicky:

“I have a red couch that I just do not know how to style. I hate the yellow paint on our walls. I like the looks of pottery barn, restoration hardware and like the look of the modern farmhouse.”

I am partial to red couches! The first couch I ever bought myself was a bright red couch, and I absolutely loved the pop of color it gave my living room. Two kids later…and I eventually had to get rid of it (death to juice boxes & cracker crumbs! :) So I was very excited to find and re-create an inspiration room for Nicky!

I found this Inspiration Room and knew that it was a great mix of modern farmhouse with a nice big red couch smack dab in the middle of the living room. My favorite part of this room, and Nicky will appreciate this, is the white paint on the walls. Now I know most people want color on the walls, but the thing is..when you have a red couch..that’s all the color you need in that room! Some of my favorite soft white paint colors are: Lily of the Valley & China White by Benjamin Moore.

Here’s a breakdown of the affordable pieces to complete the room.

1. Ikea Ektorp Sofa (Idemo Red) $499
2. Tufted Chair $269
3. Allen & Roth Bamboo Lamp $39.20
4. Decorative Pillows – Starting at $16.99 & Coral Pillow $28.95
5. Blakely 3-Color Ikat – Brown Taupe (54×95″) $49.99
6. Better Homes & Gardens Rustic Coffee Table $105
7. Family Print $7.77

Do you have a room, you’d like me to re-create? Send a picture of your inspiration room to

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