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Pottery Barn Bedford Rectangular Office Desk Knockoff


I have officially been in Austin now for 3 weeks, and while I’d love to be giving you updates on the new house…it is NO WHERE near being ready to photograph. Unless y’all want to see a big old pile of boxes everywhere ;) The good news is that hubby and I have BIG plans for our office, so to give ourselves a little office inspiration, I hopped over to Pottery Barn and found this one featuring theĀ Bedford Rectangular Desk Set. Can you say love? :)

Below you can find a couple of knockoffs for the more expensive versions. As always get to know your local Ikea, Target & Walmart! If you look hard enough, you can almost ALWAYS find a cheaper version of what you are looking for! Enjoy :)

Instead of the Pottery Barn Bedford Rectangular Desk Set $769
Buy (2) Klimpen Drawer Units $89/each & Buy (1) Linnmon Table Top $29.99

Instead of the Pottery Barn Swivel Desk Chair $359
Buy the Armless Wooden Bankers Chair $100.77

Instead of the Pottery Barn Architects Desk Lamp $159
Buy theĀ Mainstays Halogen Brushed Steel Desk Lamp $13.58

And her are a few more accessories to round out the look:

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