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Pits & Peaks: The One Dinnertime Ritual Every Family should be doing

I’m not sure how we started or what prompted us to come up with the idea, but for a little over a year now, out family has adopted the tradition of discussing our “Pits & Peaks” each night at dinner.

We eat dinner together at the kitchen table every night, no phones are allowed. Then each of us takes a turn and talks about the best part of their day “Peak” and the most challenging part of their day “Pit”. This small gesture has opened up our family communication in a way that is intimate and real. It’s a tradition my kids have come to enjoy and ask for as soon as we sit down.


Surprisingly, we’ve learned to empathasize with each other during the pits and celebrate each other’s peak and the best part of our discussion is when someone doesn’t have a pit to share, it means they had a great day with no complaints. This is cause for celebration in our house.

Sidenote: My husband’s name is Pete. If I had a quarter for every time I told the kids it was time to share their “Petes & Picks” I’d be rich! LOL! :)

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