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Om Babes Yoga Subscription Box Review

Where are my yoga girls at?

Ladies, I’ve got some exciting news, this week we launched the Om Babes Yoga Subscription box for modern babes just like you who love yoga and fitness and are working to align your mind & body.

What’s in the Om Babes Yoga Subscription

Each month, you can expect to receive 4-6 full size┬áhealth & wellness and yoga products curated according to the monthly theme. For example, the theme for June is a “Love Yo’Self”. The box will include a yoga tool, a tank top, 2 beauty products & a relaxation item.

What kind of Yoga items can I expect in the box?

Each month the box will feature one yoga tool that can be used for your in-studio or at-home yoga practice. Items like straps, blocks, bags, mat spray & yoga apparel will be featured in each box. Along with yoga tools you will also find meditation and personal development products to help you get your mind into alignment with your body.


How does the Om Babes Subscription Box work?

You can start by selection which type of subscription you would like. You have the choice between month-to-month, 3 month pre-pray or a 6-month prepay. (The pre-pays are the most cost effective way to go!). Once you select your terms, you will be asked for your shirt size in the even that a tank top or tee shirt goes into the box. Once you’ve paid, you will receive your box during their next batched shipment which goes out the first week of each month. You will be re-billed on the 11th of each month as long as your subscription is active.

How much does the Om Babes Subscription Box cost?

The Om Babes Subscription Box is $39.95 per month + shipping. You can save a bit of money by selecting the 3 month pre-pay which is $110 or the 6 month pre-pay for $215. You subscription can be cancelled at anytime.

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