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My Home. My Loves. My Stories {Week 1}


Happy Tuesday! It’s time to introduce a new segment to the blog and it’s called My Home. My Loves. My Stories. Each week I’m going to bring you inside of my home and show you one or a few of my favorite things. Gratitude is a huge deal in my life, and taking the time to appreciate the people and things in your life sure goes a long way in securing your happiness. Sure, I live and see (and clean!) these things in my house on a daily basis, but they are all important to me and they all have a story. There isn’t a single item in my home that doesn’t have a story attached to it.


Reclaimed Tree Trunk: After seeing this stump on West Elm selling for $249, I KNEW I had to recreate the look for my house using an abandoned trunk in my neighborhood. LOL. I announced to the family that we were going on a hike up the street into the woods. It was a mission to find the perfect tree trunk. I should let you know, that I was the ONLY one who was thrilled about this adventure ;) Luckily, about half way into the trail, we found the perfect trunk! We loaded it into the wagon and headed home. I sanded the tree trunk down. Got all the creepy crawlies out of it. Stained & painted it…and it cost me $0.00! Take that West Elm! ;)


Heart/ Wood Nail Art: My husband gave me that piece of Nail Art for our 1st anniversary. My husband is hands down the best gift giver I’ve ever known. His gifts are always thoughtful and creative and artsy. Just like him I guess ;) I keep moving the piece around. When I took this picture it was situated on the stump, but now I have it in my office and before that I had it on the ledge of my kitchen sink window. I like looking at it. It makes me happy. This little block of wood is also what inspired him to create his own line of ink transfer wood blocks!

Ikea Chair:  You see that white chair in the photo? You might recognize it as the Tullsta Chair from Ikea. I’ve had that chair for over 7 years and I absolutely love it! Why? Because the white slipcover comes right off and I can throw it in the washer with some bleach and it comes out looking brand new. People ask me how I can have white furniture with 3 kids…the secret is in the slipcover!

I’d love to hear about your favorite space in your home! Leave me a comment!


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