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How I made $500 at my Yard Sale

This past weekend, my community had a neighborhood wide yard sale and we were finally able to unload all of the crap we’ve been hanging onto all of these years.

We moved to Texas over a year ago, and still had about a dozen boxes that we hadn’t unpacked, so we had plenty of stuff to sell at the yard sale.

About a week before the sale, Pete and I went through the house and garage (and unpacked boxes) and decided what we wanted to sell. We had lots of kids toys that the baby had outgrown, a crib, lawn toys, clothing a few pieces of furniture…we even had the darn elliptical that Pete insisted on moving to Texas ;)

Once we had all of the items we wanted to sell, we piled them on one side of the garage so they were out of the way of our daily lives.

I ordered this garage sale sign kit off of Amazon. At $17, it was worth it to have a set of nice matching signs and pricing stickers. Thanks to Amazon prime I got the package in 2 days!

3 days before the sale, I listed our yard sale on Now what I like about Gsalr is that not only is it a yard sale listing website, but it also emails your sale to people in the local area. Which is a huge bonus in getting people to the sale.

The day before the sale we set up shop in the garage and began to arrange and price all of the items using the pricing stickers I purchased on Amazon.

On Friday night, the day before the garage sale, we set up the tables and clothing hanging racks in the garage, so we would be prepared to carry them out on Saturday morning.

At 7:00 the next morning, 1 hour before opening time we started to set up shop and bring out all of the larger items. My strategy is to place the larger items at the bottom of the driveway to appeal to more buyers. Buyers like to see that a yard sale has a lot of stuff. So my goal was to entice them with the larger pieces of furniture.

Our yard sale kicked off at 8 with several buyers waiting to purchase. The first items to go were the patio table set, which was a hot item..and luckily it sold at full price!

From then on there was a steady stream of shoppers in and out of our garage sale. I made sure to talk to each and every one, answer questions and was continually re-arranging the items so they looked neat and clean. By 1:00 we closed down shop and counted up our money…we made over $500 and managed to sell a good chunk of the junk that had been sitting in boxes and our garage for the last year. Overall it was a success!

Here’s a quick recap of the tips I recommend for having a successful yard sale!

Get Organized

Pete and I started getting ready for our garage sale a week in advance, we organized the items we wanted to sell, we priced them and displayed them all ahead of time, so that way when the morning came, all we had to do was put out the tables and larger items in the driveway.

List on for maximum exposure

Listing our sale on was key because not only is it an online listing site, but the daily emails that go out to the local yard sale shoppers is a huge benefit in getting people to our yard sale.

Prepare the night before

I don’t know about you, but I love sleep, which is why I prepared all of my garage sale items the night before the sale. That way I didn’t have to get up super early to organize my items.

Have fun

Although having a yard sale can be a bit stressful, it’s important to have a good time. Enjoy earning money. Enjoy talking to your customers and then enjoy spending your new earnings. You earned it!