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IKEA Hack: Make the $20 SNILLE Chair Look Like an Expensive Office Chair!

Have I mentioned how much I love living in Austin? Not only is the weather amazing, and downtown very cool…but I also live 10 mins away from Ikea! So guess what that means?? I will be doing tons of Ikea hacks on the site, I hope y’all enjoy them!

This weekend, hubby and I started working on our shared office, in lieu of having a formal dining room, we transformed that space into our office..and while those ‘reveal’ pics are still a few weeks away, I am ready to share a fabulous Ikea hack that I did on the SNILLE chairs we purchased for $19.99 each.

I loved these chairs and you can’t beat the price, but I really wanted to make them look a little more elegant, and if you’ve been following this blog for a while, y’all know how I feel about gold spray’s an instant fix for everything!


For the SNILLE chair I laid out all of the metal hardware on a piece of cardboard in my garage, and used the Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray Paint to turn it into a custom chair…and it looks like a million bucks!




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