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Fibbage: A Family Game for Screen Addicts!

In our house, every Friday we have what’s called “Family Friday Movie Night“. The kids aren’t allowed to have sleepovers and Pete & I aren’t allowed to do date nights on Fridays. It’s the one night a week where we sit down together as a family and spend time watching a family friendly movie, in our pajamas while eating some guilty pleasure snacks!

We’ve been doing this tradition for over a year now…and it shows…because whenever we go to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to pick a movie, it seems like we’ve seen them all! This was the case this past Friday night. We simply could not agree on a movie and after 20 minutes of going through the movie titles, we decided to switch things up a bit.


Over on Amazon Prime, they have a section for Games. I didn’t even know this existed! Luckily, my 11 year old did know and showed us a game called Fibbage. The best part about this game…everyone needs a device! So the kids were stoked to run upstairs and grab their phones and ipods to play.


Here’s how it works:
Once you start the Fibbage game on the TV, it will give you a four digit room code. From there you can either go to on your phone or scan the QR code that is on the television screen. Once everyone in the room has entered the room code and chosen a username, you can start the game.


Once the game starts, the host will ask you a trivia question such as the one show above. Once the question is displayed, each family member must provide a false answer to the question in an effort to trick their opponents. Once everyone has locked in their lie, all of the lies + the real answer are revealed. You are then challenged to pick the right answer. Now if someone choose your lie as the right answer, you get points! There are 3 rounds in each game and the number of points you can earn for a correct answer and a popular lie increases during each round.

Since Friday, we’ve played at least 10 games. It’s a blast and I highly recommend it.

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