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Ethan Allen Somerset Bedroom Makeover on a Budget!


I’m very excited to bring you a brand new makeover on a budget! Today I ventured outside of my love for Pottery Barn and recreated a bedroom from Ethan Allen! I love the traditional elements of the room like the blue and white toile bedding and the modern-ness (is that a word) of the rectangle glass lamps! One thing I was not prepared for was how expensive Ethan Allen is..OMG! I mean…can you imagine spending over $3k for a bed? Of course you can’t…that’s why you are here! ;)  I hope you like the inspiration pieces I selected below!

  1. Instead of the Ethan Allen Somerset Sleigh Bed ($3349) try the Canterbury Cherry Finish Queen Size Sleigh Bed $283.99
  2. Threshold™ Circle Icon Toss Pillow $24.99
  3. Instead of the Delmore Paisley Duvet Cover ($319) try the EMMIE LAND – Duvet cover and pillowcase $19.99
  4. Instead of the Silver Coral Sculpture ($129) try the Coral Sculpture$45.99
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  6. Infinity Decorative Clock $39.99
  7. Instead of the Ethan Allen Rectangular Glass Lamp ($399) try the Exhibit Lamp $59.99
  8. Instead of the Fretwork Durrhie Rug ($1399) Navy Trellis Rug $147
  9. Instead of the Ethan Allen Eugene Nightstand ($849) Threshold Accent Table – Espresso $79.99


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