DIY Moroccan Tile Look with a White Sharpie!


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Last weekend, I looked at my husband and said, “I have a lot of projects to do…and by me…I mean you” ;) So while he was busy building the DIY Laundry Sorter & Washer & Dryer Countertop, I decided to tackle my office. I intended to paint the entire office Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore, however, once I was finished painting only the back wall…I got a little inspired to do something kinda cool instead!

I remember seeing a ‘painted wallpaper’ Morrocan Tile template on Pinterest (here it is) and decided to try it. BUT, instead of using paint, like most normal people would do. I went to Staples and purchased a white sharpie and proceeded to tile my entire wall with a White Sharpie.


I started at the top center of the wall and worked my way side to side tracing the template with a white sharpie.



1. Tape a small level to the template to ensure that you are tracing the template evenly.

2. There will be sections of your wall that you cannot put the entire stencil, save those for later and do all of the full size shapes first. Then once you are done with the full size shapes, you can fold your template and manipulate it to fit your wall.

3. If you are going to use a sharpie, you may have to trace the outline twice. I did my entire wall with one outline and then went back and freehand traced every shape again.


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