DIY July 4th Pinwheel Wreath


Yesterday, was my official full day of working from home with the kids on summer vacation. ACK! I decided to take them to the craft store to keep them occupied and to spy out some 4th of July craft ideas! I purchased a floral wreath, 4th of July themed ribbon and some colored cardstock and made this cute 4th of July Pinwheel!

needs-for-wreathYou will need:

Green Floral Styrofoam Ring
Pearlized Pins
Colored Paper


1. Wrap wreath with ribbon and secure with pearlized pins


2. Cut colored paper into perfect squares (I used 4.25 x 4.25)
3. Cut the paper on each corner towards the middle, do not intersect your cut lines.

fold-overpin4. Fold in the corners into the center of the pinwheel and secure with a pearlized pin onto the wreath. Continue to do so, until the wreath is completely covered in pinwheels.


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