DIY – Easy to Make Halloween Hanging Door Sign

It’s almost that time of year, and since the weather has gotten a bit cooler, I’m in full on Halloween and Fall Crafts mode! This week, I put together a cute sign for my door using wooden letters (purchased at Walmart for $1.97 each), heavy twine and a couple of Dollar Store spiders!


The first thing you’ll want to do is grab these items from your local craft store or in my case, Walmart. Everything cost me under $10!

I started out the project by gluing the loose end to the back of the letter and then wrapping the string around the letter until all of the wood was hidden.


I’m not gonna lie, it takes a little practice and sometimes undoing to get everything covered especially around the curves. I used the glue gun to secure the harder spots and then used the glue gun around every 10th wrap to secure the string.


This is what the letters look like completely wrapped! You could use them just as is and place them on a table top or hang them on the wall. I decided I wanted to make a door hanger, you can see below how I fastened the letters together.


I just took some leftover twine and tied the letters together with a simple knot! Easy pease!

And this is what it looks like hanging on my door! I used some orange chevron ribbon to hide the wreath hanger!


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