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To Die For 3 Ingredient Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe


Ladies!!! I found the easiest, simplest, most delicious cream cheese frosting recipe ever..and I just HAVE to share it with you! The best part about this recipe is that it only takes 3 ingredients…and y’all know how much I love 3 ingredient recipes…as a matter of fact..those are all I ever do anymore!

All you need is Marshmallow Fluff, a brick of cream cheese and confectioner’s sugar. I used this exact recipe to make my Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Whoopie Pies, but I literally want to dip everything in this stuff!


I found the recipe on Food.com, so you can follow along there or just read on to find out how to make this super simple frosting:

  • 2 Bricks of Cream Cheese (Room Temp)
  • 1 container of Marshmallow Fluff (16oz)
  • 1/2 c. confectioner’s sugar

Combine all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix until the frosting is smooth and lumps are gone.

You will not be sorry..this frosting is so delicious and easy to make, you’ll want to share it with your friends!

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