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Creating the Perfect Kid’s Book Nook in a Tight Space


As soon as I decided to combine Saylor & Finely’s room into a shared boys & girls space, I knew I wanted to have a book nook for them to read books in their room. They both love books and I have these visions of Saylor sitting next to Finely and reading him books at night. (Realistically, they’ll most likely be chucking these books all over the room as soon as I let em have access to it!) 


The first thing I did was take this old book shelf that Pete found on the side of the road (when he was in college!) and painted it white using regular old satin finish white paint. P.S. Yes, there is can of white spray paint near the bookcase, but I was using it for a different project ;)


Last week, I told you how to make these Decoupage Book Nook letters out of wooden letters found at Walmart and pages from Dr. Seuss books. I attached those to the wall vertically using mounting tape because they did not hooks or holes on the book to hang.


I then placed some of Saylor’s favorite books on the top shelves & Fin’s most prized books on the bottom shelf for easy access! I usually style bookcases by color, but this time decided that it was not worth my effort because those kids were just going to pull all of the books of the shelf anyway! :)


I would love to see your projects! Leave a link to your blog post of your child’s book nook in the comments!

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