Big Boy Bed Time – Modern Room Design for the Coolest Toddler Boy


Oh no! It’s time for your little baby boy to leave the crib and graduate to a big boy bed! :) What a better way to reward him for being such a big boy than with his own cool-as-heck big boy bedroom! :)

Today I put together a few hipster-y/modern pieces for you to fill out your little man’s new room! If you saw this post from a few days ago, you know that I’m obsessed with the teepee look for a nice little reading nook, so I managed to work the red & star teepee from Walmart into the room!

1. JONOSFÄR Pendant lamp at Ikea $16.99

2. Red & Star Teepee from Walmart $79.00

3. Rugby Navy & White Comforter from Target $15.99

4. Counting & Shape Sorting Toys from Ikea $12.99

5. TROGEN Storage Bench from Ikea $79.00

6. Modern Rocking Chair at (because he’s not too big to be rocked by Mommy!) $114.08

7. Arrow Prints from Etsy $15.00

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