My Life

Hi, I’m Chrystie – An Austin Texas Lularoe Consultant

What’s up y’all?

I’m Chrystie and I live in Austin Texas and I’m your local, friendly, tattooted Lularoe Consultant! I’ve been a Lularoe consultant for 6 months and have a team of 7 active consultants underneath me, collectively we are known as Lularoe Team Yes!

I absolutely love Lularoe clothing and love introducing it to others. There is just something about wearing Lularoe that feels great, makes you feel confident and allows you to show off your personality. I like that.


If you are looking to book a Lularoe for Disney Collection Pop-up in Austin, I’m  your girl!

Join my VIP Group & send me a message to schedule a pop-up

How does an in-home Lularoe Pop-up work:

Great question! The first thing you’ll want to do is pick a date, I can do in-home pops during the week, weeknights or weekends! It’s totally up to you!

Once we pick a date, I will send you a hostess packet that will include some information and invitations to give your friends and family! I encourage you to share your love of Lularoe with them to get them excited about your pop-up!

On the day of your pop-up, I will arrive at your home with my entire inventory and set up my clothing in your home. Your friends and family will come over and finally get to try on all of the Lularoe pieces they’ve been seeing online!

The hostess perks are pretty great too! You get a pair of leggings, just for hosting a pop-up plus, you’ll earn a free item of your choice for every 10 items sold!

If you’d like to schedule a Lularoe pop-up in the Austin, Texas area, please join my VIP group and send me a message.