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Almas Kilim Pottery Barn Pillow Knock Off Living Room

Today’s room re-do came courtesy of reader Elizabeth, who really liked the look of this Southwestern inspired Pottery Barn room. I loved this room and can certainly appreciate why she would want to see this room done on a budget! Just the coffee table alone was close to $800!

The only item I had a hard time finding on a budget was the Pulley Table Lamp. I settled on the Scorsese Industrial Tripod Table Lamp from Target because it still had a nice industrial feel and was about a 1/3 of the price of any pulley lamp I could find!

Here are the items used in this room re-do.

Ektorp Sectional Couch $799 (Ikea)
Southwestern Style Pillows Prices start at $38.99 (Target)
Threshold Wicker Trunk $59.99 (Target)
Diamante Haiku Rug $104.99 (Target)
Horse Head Figurine $19.99 (Target)
Threshold Quilted Cable Plush Throw $34.99 (Target)
Steve Silver Rectangle Cherry Wood Coffee Table $224.99 (Hayneedle)
Scorsese Industrial Tripod Table Lamp $89.99 (Target)

Thanks Elizabeth!


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