31 Non-Candy Treats for your Halloween Trick or Treaters!


Last year I spent nearly $50 on Halloween candy and guess what??? It rained on Halloween night and we got a LOT less trick-or-treaters than usual..so I was stuck with lots of expensive candy. This year I vowed that I was not going to do that again, not only was the candy expensive, but it’s not safe to have that much candy in my house. I. Can’t. Help. Myself. And unfortunately, I passed that trait along because both of my older kids are also candy fiends!

This year, I promised myself that I was not going to do that again and instead go with some non-candy treats for my trick-or-treaters! As I started creating this list, I realized that most of these are the same types of items that kids receive in birthday party favor bags and in those darn candy machines…and you know what…they love them!

We’ve got a list of 31 NON-Candy Halloween treats for your trick-or-treaters…and we promise, they’ll love them just as much as candy! And the best part is that you’ll earn good neighbor points from their parents too! :)

1. Tattoos
2. Stickers
3. Halloween Erasers
4. Crayons
5. Plastic Rings
6. Organic Fruit Snacks
7. Pretzels
8. Light Up Glowsticks
9. Mini cans of Play-Doh
10. Halloween Pencils
11. Microwaveable Popcorn
12. Packets of Hot Chocolate
13. Bubbles
14. Chalk
15. Juice Boxes
16. Silly Bands
17. Vampire Teeth
18. Bouncy Balls
19. Mini Yo-Yos
20. Whistles
21. McDonalds Coupons
22. Mini Clif Bars
23. Halloween Cups
24. Matchbox Cars
25. Mini Hand Sanitizers
26. Mini Notebooks
27. String Cheese
28. Balloons
29. Animal Crackers
30. Chinese Finger Traps
31. Mardi Gras Beads

Most of these items can be found pretty cheaply at the Dollar Store, a party supply store or you can try an online favor store like Oriental Trading.

Got another idea for a non-candy Halloween treat? Leave a comment!

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