25 Days of Christmas Activities for the Entire Family

December will be here before you know it! As you are preparing your new Christmas traditions this year, I wanted to share with you a little something called the “25 Days of Christmas Activities”. Fun holiday activities for you to enjoy with your entire family!

  1. Drink Hot Chocolate
  2. Call an old friend
  3. Play in the snow
  4. Build a Gingerbread house
  5. Go Ice Skating
  6. Make A Christmas Card
  7. Eat chicken stew
  8. Make a Homemade Gift
  9. Sing Christmas Carols
  10. Bake Cookies
  11. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  12. Build a Snowman
  13. Make dinner together
  14. Game Night
  15. Attend a tree lighting
  16. Random Act of Kindness
  17. Read a Christmas story
  18. Snuggle on the couch
  19. Watch a Christmas Movie
  20. Give someone a secret Santa gift
  21. Start a new Christmas tradition
  22. Write a letter to Santa
  23. Build a pillow fort
  24. Open your Christmas Eve Gift
  25. Celebrate Christmas