TikTok Room Ideas – 10 Things You Absolutely Need!

Vibe Check! It’s time for a TikTok Bedroom makeover! If you’ve outgrown your current bedroom decor and find yourself LOVING all of the bedrooms that you see on TikTok…why not consider a TikTok room transformation?

Everything You Need for a TikTok Bedroom Transformation

The rules of the Tiktok Bedroom aesthetic are pretty simple…white & lights! The idea here is to paint your walls white, hang up some LED lights, put up some pictures of your fave peeps, add a mirror for those banging natural light selfies and you are good to go!

You already spend so much time in your bedroom, TikToking, FaceTiming your BFFs and of course…sleeping! You owe it to yourself to make it the LED TikTok sanctuary that you deserve.

Let’s Go!

Below I’ll show you some of the items you can add to your room to get that perfect Addison Rae touch to your bedroom.

TikTok Bedroom Lights

Bedroom lights are the first thing you’ll need to grab in order to get that TikTok bedroom of your dreams. The TikTok aesthetic incorporates several different types of lights, like LED lights, string lights, neon signs & ceiling projectors.


1. Color Changing LED Lights

The most important element to any TikTok room aesthetic is these color-changing LED lights. They’ll give your room the perfect vibe for any mood you might be in. These LED lights can be used around the top of your ceiling to give your room a dreamy glow or you can also put these LED lights around your mirror for the most perfect selfies & around your bed to lull you to sleep.


2. LED Sign

When you are in a mood…but don’t feel like talking, the LED sign is your best friend. These signs are super cheap and not only give your room a nice glow, but they also tell everyone how you’re feeling, without ever having to open up. You literally can point at it and say….MOOD!


3. Fairy String Lights

These string lights are crucial in creating an en ethereal aesthetic in your room. Use the fairy string lights as a canopy over your bed or dangle the from the ceiling to create a wonderful curtain of light. P.S. these lights look BOMB in your TikToks!


4. Ceiling light projector

Now if you are looking to level up the light in your room, you can add this ceiling projector which shoots a stream of colored stars on your ceiling, creating the perfect ambient light for all of your late-night Tiktoks.


5. Neon Signs

Is there anything cuter than this lip light? So by now, you probably have LED lights around your ceiling, mirror & even around your bed frame. But what about your walls? These neon shape lights make the ultimate wall decor.

TikTok Bedroom Ideas

Now that we have the most important piece (lights) out of the way, let’s talk about the rest of the room. As I mentioned before, you’ll want this room to be as WHITE as possible so that your LED lights can create the perfect lighting for whatever mood you’re in. So you are going to want to start off painting your entire room white. You’ll then want to layer it with the comfiest white comforter, pillows & blankets to give it that luxurious feel. Add in a mirror or display shelf and you’ve got the Tikkiest Tokkiest bedroom of all.


6. White down comforter

The key to doing a TikTok Room makeover is to make everything in your room WHITE. This super comfy (yet lightweight) down comforter is the absolute coziest addition to your room. (Y’all it has over 27k reviews…so you know that it’s good!) Put this on top of your bed and & you’ve got the ultimate spot to record your TikTok videos. Bonus if your bed has lots of pillows (like these!)

7. Full-length Mirror

Speaking of selfies, you NEED a full-length mirror in your room to show off your OOTD or signature poses. This full-length mirror is not only affordable but has GREAT reviews! Alternatively, you could opt for these super-popular gold rimmed circle mirrors.


8. Photos

Up next you’ll want to head over to the Photos app on your phone and print out all of the photos of your besties, TikTok crushes, family…and you can’t forget your pets! Once you have your photos printed (which you can do super cheaply at Walgreens or Walmart!) you’ll want to arrange them on your wall in a geometric shape.


9. Macrame Hanging chair

You can’t have a TikTok bedroom without a macrame hanging chair! These macrame hanging seats are the perfect addition to any corner of your room. Whether you are just chilling in it scrolling through TikTok or using it to film your TikToks it provides the ultimate bohemian touch toy our room.


10. Ring light

And last but certainly not least, you NEED a ring light to make those oh-so-perfect looking TikToks! Listen, honey, we all weren’t blessed with high cheekbones, long lashes & perfect skin…so we need all the help we can get. This ring light is not only affordable but has over 17000 amazing reviews!

10 Items You need for a TikTok Bedroom