Springtime Umbrella bouquet for your Front Door

If you are looking for a cool & unique way to dress up your door for Spring, I’ve got just the project for you! The best part is that it was easy, peasy to make & cost me less than $20. PLUS, I can use it in the event I’m stuck out in the rain ;)


  1. First, I purchased a Totes Umbrella (with the fancy, dancy handle) at Target for $12.99 and a few bouquets of faux flowers from Michaels (they were 40%! off)
  2. The next thing I did was stuff one plastic grocery bag in between each of the umbrella wires (are those wires?) I did this to prevent the flowers from falling down to the bottom of the umbrella
  3. Next up, I arranged the flowers in the umbrella and tied a ribbon around the center. Voila, I have a cute springtime floral hanger for my door!