The Most Perfect Christmas Eve Gift For All Ages!


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Christmas time really is one of my favorite times of the year. When I was a child it was our holiday tradition to open gifts on Christmas eve, however now that I’m married with children of my own, my husband (who was a strict Christmas morning gift opener) and I have compromised on our traditions :) We open all of our gifts on Christmas morning, but we do allow our kids to open one gift on Christmas Eve.

The past few years we’ve done a Christmas Eve box similar to what you see above, the kids love it and it’s a great tradition to start with them. They each receive a box with a new pair of pajamas, a new DVD, a new book and some microwave popcorn and hot cocoa. One year I even threw in a package of cookie mix. This gift allows us to enjoy our Christmas eve together as a family! And I gotta say there is just something so darn cute about kids in new PJs ;)

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  1. Darla

    We also included a Christmas ornament

  2. Rachel

    We have been doing this in my family for years! My MIL started with her first grandchild and as they have grown over the years, all grandkids from the oldest in college to the newborn get new pj’s, book, and move + popcorn for Christmas eve. Its an awesome tradition and one I hope my children will carry through to their own.

  3. wendi

    I think I will try this this year

  4. Theresa

    Love this. The grands will love it too!

  5. Katie

    I love this idea! I am going to do it for my 4 year old this Christmas. Out of interest, those that already do this, is the box from you or Santa?

    • Portia

      Santa doesn’t come until Christmas!

    • Kim

      Even though my son is 13, we follow the rule “If you don’t believe, you won’t receive”. So, the Christmas eve gift is from Mom and the 4 gifts *(want, need, wear, read) are what Santa brings.

      I have done the pajamas and ornament but like the idea of adding a book, movie and popcorn.

  6. Jennifer

    I would not do the movie and only the book = better family time. OR one movie only that is then watched as a family. Then the kids aren’t fighting over whose movie you watch. We live in such a wired world and we don’t give ourselves or our kids enough opportunities to shut down/-off.

    Great idea though. I like the comment above about an ornament (maybe in place of the movie)

  7. Laura

    I’m going to try this with my kids, but I kind of feel like the book doubles up the ‘read’ gift from the four present challenge. I wanted to buy less and have less stuff! I’m thinking a Christmas ornament with their names on and then a tube of writing icing to decorate a snack for Santa. All our movies are online and the last thing I want is more DVDs in the house,

    • Goog

      We have one movie that we open together as a family and the kids each get a set of new pajamas. We watch the movie together as a family and then it’s bedtime. No fighting over which movie and the kids really look forward to it.

  8. Karen

    My kids are older. In fact my son wears his undies to bed and we also attend Mass on Christmas Eve. I am planning a different kind of Christmas Eve gift pack. I still like to give them stuff for a “long winter’s nap”, so new pillows or sheets for that part. Then something for Mass like a new dress or dress up shit and tie. Then a fun snack for after church like a packet of hot chocolate or hot cider with some cookies. Then throw in a new pair of extra warm socks for additional comfort! I like the ornament idea too.

  9. Heidi

    I love this tradition and it’s something our family has done for a few years. The only difference is that our gift box arrives with our Elf on the Shelf the day after Thanksgiving. We each get new PJs, then the whole family gets a Christmas themed book, Christmas movie, and movie snacks. This gives us the full holiday season to wear the new PJs and spend time together as a family celebrating the season. It’s sort of the kick off to our holidays and the kids love it.

    • Am

      Ooh, I like the idea of getting a movie and book earlier, although I’d save the pjs for Christmas Eve.

      Day after Thanksgiving is a bit early for me (one kid has a birthday right before the holiday, so I’d like to spread it out a bit more). Maybe we’ll do St. Nicholas Day on December 6th since we have lots of European ancestry : ) .

  10. Lisa

    We are doing this for the 1st time this year. It is a great idea. Looking forward to new memories and ideas to share. Merry Christmas to All!!

  11. Kathryn Childs

    We did this last year and the kids loved it! We had custom PJs made for them from Etsy and had their elf deliver the box with a note. Then family movie night and off to bed. The PJs were perfect for Christmas morning pictures. :) The PJs are still going strong and look new. Will do the same ones again this year because they are our kids’ favorite. Thanks so much for this post, it is our new tradition!

  12. Angie

    How do you order this

  13. Lisa

    I still do this and four of my five children are grown and moved out. I also give my daughter-in-laws and son-in-law pajamas. And of course my grandbabies get pajamas every Christmas Eve too. I also add other things like movies and books. This year my grandbabies will be receiving the book Twas the Night Before Christmas since apparently somehow we have missed buying that book for them!

  14. Sandra Baker

    I have three grandsons, ages seven, four and 2 months, and I am SO excited to begin this tradition for our family!! The oldest loves to read, and the ‘kiddle in the middle’, (LOL),also loves books. I am trying to see that they have books to keep their interest piqued. Plus, I LOVE being the Nanny that gets to spoil the sweet babies rotten!
    Thanks for this wonderful idea. I look forward to more of them! ~S~

  15. Anvisha

    I liked it, really. I came across a list of Christmas printable games that look fab, give it a read, here:

  16. Kerry

    Love this! Mugs for the cocoa would be cute, and candy cane stir sticks :)

    We did a family Swap last thanksgiving with just us and the kids since we weren’t with extended family. We each drew a name a week or so ahead and kept the $ cap around $15. It was a fun way to kick off the Christmas season (and spread out gift giving) and we always watch a Christmas movie that night anyway — usually Miracle on 34th Street!

    For Christmas Day we secretly assigned the kids a reindeer name so they wouldn’t know which gifts were theirs ahead of time

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