How to Make a Thanksgiving Tree – A Lesson in Gratitude


This past weekend we created our annual Thanksgiving Tree and it made me realize, I’ve never blogged about this little tradition our family has. We’ve done it for the last few years and it’s always one of my favorite times of the year.

We make our Thanksgiving tree with old branches from around the yard. Yesterday afternoon, my kids and I went out in the backyard and collected sticks and branches, fully prepared to make our tree, but then we found a fallen tree that had the most PERFECT tree topper to use for the thanksgiving tree…so we abandoned our pile and opted for the tree topper instead.


Saylor and I then cut out ‘leaves’ out of colored paper. Obviously you don’t have to stick the shape of leaves, one year we did ornament shapes and this year Saylor even threw in a heart and star shape :)


Just before dinner we gathered in the living room around the tree and each selected 5 leaves to write down, 5 things we were thankful for. Then we each go around and share what we are grateful for. This is always my favorite time because it’s interesting to see what the kids are thankful for and how they are growing and learning. Two years ago when we first started this, Saylor, then 6 announced that she was grateful for Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber. LOL. This year she was thankful for things like friends, her home and her parents. And as you can see from the image above, Baz is thankful for being alive ;)


Next week, I’m going to be in full-on Christmas decorating mode, but for this week, I’m going to enjoy the Thanksgiving tree and the meaning it holds for my family.

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