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My Home. My Loves. My Stories { Week 3}

Each Tuesday, I’m going to invite you into my home and share some of my personal favorite items in my house and the story behind them. Today I want to show you the makeup brush holder that my husband made. It’s by far one of my favorite pieces he’s made with this side business, Ida Collective. I’d like to think it was a collaborative piece because I gave him the idea and he made it happen :)

Back when my husband and I were first dating, I was a newly divorced single mom…and scared..and sad and needed a lot of encouragement. Pete, my husband makes fun of me now for this..but when we first started dating, I had the phrase, “You are f%#king Awesome” written on my mirror with lipstick. A little dramatic? Perhaps! But at the time I needed a positive daily affirmation and that phrase seemed to do the trick. (Sidenote: Imagine walking into a women’s bedroom and seeing that written on her mirror in lipstick…I think any man would’ve run far far away…but I’m lucky he didn’t ;)

Anyway, when Pete decided to start Ida Collective, I gave him the idea of making a makeup brush holder with an inspirational quote on it…and this is what he came up with :) But if I’m being totally honest his first version of the holder did have the exact same phrase I had on my mirror, but…since that wasn’t exactly family friendly, he made me this one instead!


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