Halloween Inspired Mummy Hot Dogs with Crescent Rolls

If you want a super cute Halloween inspired food for the kiddos, this is it! As soon as my kids came home from school and saw these cute Mummy Hot Dogs, they gobbled them right up! They were definitely a hit and the best part is that they are super easy to make!

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  • Hot Dogs
  • Pillsbury Breadsticks or Crescent Roll
  • Preheat Oven to 375


The first thing you want to do is roll out the dough with a rolling pin.


Then take a pizza cutter and cut the dough into long thin strips.


Take the thin strips and wrap the hot dogs, making sure to cross over and leave some room for the ‘eyes’. Once complete, put them in the oven for 15 minutes or until the crescent rolls are golden brown. Then you can dot the eyes with mustard or sour cream!


P.S. To make the spider web ketchup: Squeeze a circle of ketchup onto the plate. Then use the ketchup and create 3 separate circle inside on top of the ketchup. Use a toothpick and drag the mustard through the ketchup in a spider web shape.

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