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How to Get Free Shipping at Target Any Day of the Year!

Did you know that you can get FREE shipping at Target any day of the year? No you don’t have to wait until FREE Shipping Days (those are soo far and few between!) and no you don’t need to scour the internet looking for a special coupon code!

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All you need is the Target Red Card. The Target Red Card is a debit or credit card that is put out by Target.  Every Target Red Card holder gets FREE Shipping on all orders on If that wasn’t good enough, card holders also get 5% off all of their in-store or online purchases!


Having the Target RedCard around the holiday shopping season is awesome, because you can make several purchases without having to worry about shipping costs, or adding items to your cart to meet the minimum FREE shipping total!

How to get a Target Red Card:

1. You can walk into any Target store and apply for the card at the Customer Service Desk
2. You can apply for the Target card online, right here

Pro Tip:

I would recommend getting the Target Red Card as a debit card instead of a credit card. Because 1…you already have too many credit cards, right? 2. You never have to worry about interest charges. With the debit card, the money is automatically deducted for your bank account. So you don’t have to pay ANY interest charges on the card at all. Ever!

Do yourself a favor and save big bucks in shipping costs and apply for the Target RedCard!


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