DIY Wood Slice Christmas Wreath

Earlier this fall, we had a small tree fall in our backyard and for the last few months, it’s just been laying there taunting me reminding me that I need to either move it further into the woods so I didn’t see it anymore..or do something with it!

I suddenly got inspired over the weekend to do a couple of cool projects with the wood! Of course I employed the help of my husband, because I don’t dare touch the saw..I know I’ll cut a finger off :) So I had him slice up the tree trunk into 1/2 – 1 inch thick slices.


To make this wreath I used a floral ring that I go at the Dollar Store, lace and a hot glue gun.


The first thing I did was wrap the floral ring with lace to hide the green floral ring. Next I used a hot glue gun to secure the wood slices onto the floral ring.


I did one preliminary layer and then did a second layer covering up the spaces in between each wood slice. Pro Tip: You’ll want to put your ribbon (for hanging) around the wreath before gluing the wood slices.


I placed my wooden wreath in the middle of my larger wreath on my front door and love the way it came out!

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