DIY Rope Shelf for Tweens Room

When I re-decorated my son’s room this past summer, I wanted him to have a sophisticated room with some traditional elements. I spotted this shelf on Design Sponge, and knew that it would be perfect in his room and go great with the headboard we made him!


Materials Used:
(2) 3ft Pine Boards
(2) Nylon Rope
(2) Ring Hooks


The first thing I did was cut the boards down to size and paint them the same blue as the DIY PoshTots Liam Headboard.


I then drilled 2 holes on each end of the board (about an inch from each side) to allow for the rope to go through.


Once the board was painted and the holes were drilled I was ready to assemble the shelf. The first thing you’ll want to do is cut about 4 feet of each string. Then loop the rope through the Ring Hook. From there you will squeeze the two ropes into the holes. And this is where it gets tricky….because both of your knots need to be completely balanced. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a few tries to get this perfect.


I ultimately laid the shelf on the table and used it as a support to make sure my knots were balanced and the shelf was straight.




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