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DIY PoshTots Liam Headboard Bed For $200!


You guys….I absolutely fell in love with the Liam Headboard from PoshTots the second I saw it on Apartment Therapy, but at a price tag of $1925…I knew that I would NEVER pay that amount for a stinking headbard…so I went to work…jk…I put my husband, Pete to work and we came out with a super lookalike for a fraction of the price!


He looks thrilled right? ;)

Supplies used:

(10) 1×6 Pine Interlocking Boards
(4) 1×3 Pine Boards


The first thing we did was cut down 1×6 interlocking pieces of pine to 5 feet and then laid them out according to how we wanted it to look. My son has a full sized bed. Otherwise, you’ll want to cut it down to whatever size your own bed is :)


We then flipped the entire thing over and screwed each horizontal board into the 1×3 pine frame that you see on the front of the headboard.


This is what the headboard looked like once all of the boards were screwed in.


I then stepped in to do some painting and lighting! You see..Pete does the saw and drill work…and then I make it look pretty ;) I used a Navy Blue paint color that Lowe’s had on a leftover sale..score!


I then purchased the Portfolio Outdoor Dark Sky Lantern from Lowe’s for $40. This is where it gets a little tricky, the Liam bed has a light switch and I knew I wasn’t willing to pay an electrician to come and do that  so instead I converted the outdoor light into one that had a switch and relied on trusty old Google to help me out with that one ;) Here is a link to the tutorial I used.


I then drilled a hole into the headboard where we wanted the lamp to go and attached it using a T bar on the back to hold it in place.


We then screwed the headboard into the studs of the wall and plugged the light into a power strip (aka charging station) near my sons bed so he could turn it off and on as he needed to. All in all, this bed cost us under $200 including wood & the lamp!



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