DIY Jewlery Glass Dome Cloche with Thrift Store Finds


I’ve been in love with thisĀ Pottery Barn Glass Dome Cloche ever since I saw it, I think it gives a nice elegance to jewelry storage, but at $49 – $99 a pop..that’s a little too elegant for my taste! Instead, I headed over to Salvation Army on a Wednesday (when it’s 50% off) and scored a few items to make my own Jewelry Glass Dome Cloche.


Items Purchased:

Cheese Plate w/ glass lid $1.25
Candlestick $.50
Plate: $.50
Total Spent: $2.25

paint-after Items used:
White Spray Paint
Epoxy Adhesive

The first thing I did was spray paint the candlestick and plate white. I do this very easily in my driveway using a cardboard box. Once the items were dry, I used the epoxy to glue them together. Voila, that’s it!


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