DIY Decoupage Dr. Seuss Read Sign for Children’s Book Nook

I’m in the middle of combining my daughter’s room with my son’s nursery…only he never had a nursery. From the day he was born, Finley slept in our room because we didn’t have a nursery for him. The time has come, however, for him to move out of our room (finally!) and join his sister in her room.

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I’m still putting the new room together, but I wanted to make a cute room sign above the kids bookcase. So I purchased these classic style letters are Walmart (or you can grab these on Amazon) and purchased some old Dr. Seuss books at Goodwill.


These were super simple to make and if you’ve never worked with ModPodge before prepare to have some sticky fingers! ;) The first thing I did was rip out some colorful pages out of the book. I looked for cool patterns and shapes and of course, some of my favorite characters to include on the letters.


Then what I did was covered the letter in a thick layer of ModPodge and layed the page onto of it. I then covered the top of the page with Mod Podge until it was pretty wet. While it was still wet, I was able to wrap the pages around the edges of the letter. ModPodge is VERY forgiving, so if a page rips, you can just use the ModPodge to glue it down and then cover it with another tiny piece of paper. You’ll also want to make sure to work out any air bubbles that come up under the paper.


For the letters that had curves, I simply added a few cut marks (as shown above) into the paper which made it easier to bed around the edges.


I’m very happy how it turned out, now I just need to re-do the kids bookcase and hang them on the wall! Stay tuned for the finished product in the next week or so!


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  1. Alice

    I love this idea for my grand-daughters name for her bedroom at our house.
    Thank you for the idea.

  2. kris

    Great idea! What are the letters made out of? Wood?

  3. Debi

    Are the letters wood?

  4. Laura

    The letters used here are paper mache but I used wood letters to make this project and they turned out great!

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  6. Queen

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  8. Emy co

    very original idea! Thanks!!! ;)

  9. Mindy

    Lovely. I’m copying your project, and just got my dr seuss at Good Will also! Question, what kind of hanger for the back side? I have wood letters from lobby hobby, and they didn’t come with attached hangers.

  10. Andréa Gross

    Hi! What size are these letters that you used?

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