Call Santa Claus – Here’s his Phone Number!


If you want to have some fun with the kiddos, then you’ll definitely want to call up good ol’ Santa Claus. Yes, he actually has a phone number….you didn’t know? ;)

Call 951-262-3062 to get a voice recording of Santa Claus encouraging to leave their list of Christmas gift wishes. I’ve been calling this number for years and each and every time, my kids are just as mesmerized.

P.S. Having Santa’s phone number comes in handy especially when you need to remind your children to behave ;)

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  1. jody

    can i please come to north pole

  2. isabella

    I think it is adorable to have the kids ” call” Santa. The whole idea is awesome.

  3. Anonymous

    This number doesn’t work

  4. VickyT

    I LOVE this!!! Phone number actually works…of course, I was skeptical and HAD to try it! Thanks for this!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Is this number free?

  6. Aimee

    Does anyone know if this number if free? Don’t want to call if it costs a fortune :-/

  7. Beth Michael
    It is a free call to Santa Voice recording and message. Through the listed provider

  8. April

    How cool! This was amazing, I didn’t believe it so I had to call and my daughter listened, she was so happy and shocked she cried!

  9. Cindy

    Can this number be used free in Canada?

  10. Nicky

    for my son he wood like a xbox one s to santa

    • Nicky

      Cody wanted a steering wheel for a xbox one

      • Doc

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    • Nicky

      Cody said that he wants santa

  11. Anonymous



    I would like a min bmx rc car NV pro scooter

  13. Nicole

    What happens when you leave a message?

  14. mphseason

    Done it ! So how much are they going to charge me, because its not a toll free number ?

  15. Heaven

    Have I been good

  16. CAndice

    I just want to know his you real or fake because some people think you are fake and I think you are face and real at the sam time I just want to know a question want you are real or fake .

  17. Leah

    Can u come and give me a iphone5s pleas

  18. Nicole

    Santa granma d need 100 money

  19. Takiyah

    santa can you also give me a iphone5s

  20. Rossdaboss

    Santa can I have an iPod for next Christmas.

  21. Alyssa

    santa why didn’t you bring me a toy my mom is in Florida sad huh

  22. Brianna Jefferson

    Ok everyone who loves santa tell him wat you want for Christmas

  23. Hello

    Hi santa I love you can you get me a robot and all of the roblox dinos and remote control car

    • Santa Claus

      If u behave I will

      • Colter Trusty

        Hi Santa this is Colter Trusty.It will be a Christmas miracle if you can FaceTime the presents that you and the elves got me.Are there evil elves at the North Pole?What I love most about you is you work really hard at the North Pole to make and create presents for kids all across the world.Please please please can you FaceTime me today or come to my house with your reindeer.Hope you had a good Christmas!!!

        Love your friend Colter Trusty

  24. Adÿléné Velazquez

    Hello santa FaceTime me or call me please santa

  25. MORGAN

    fuck you santa

  26. Hailey

    Love u Santa

  27. Anonymous

    hello Santa how are you i can’t wait to see you i remember when i saw you you were on the roof of my Mums friends house with your raindeer’s i was on the trampoline with my friends staring at you in shock we thought it was a robber i can’t wait to see you again

    bye from:liz

    • Anonymous

      my brother realy want’s lego bat cave, minecraft house with people,iphone x2

  28. Jayden

    i watn an iPhone 7

  29. Samantha lace

    Hi Santa I would like presents tonight please

  30. Kaytlin

    Santa please call me

    • Alis

      Hey I don’t think santa will call u because he’s busy for Christmas probably getting his belly full of mince pies

  31. Nataley

    My name is Nataley Blankenship and I just try to call Santa And wished him a merry Christmas

    • stacy

      hey Nataley Blankenship I just called santa and wished him a Christmas by the way merry christmas

  32. stacy

    hey santa I have always wanted to go to the north pole

  33. Lopez kharian

    Hi santa call 0790022361.

  34. Anna

    Hi Santa. How are you to day ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  35. Anna

    Call 7212373

  36. Justin cussell

    Please can I have everything you have got

  37. Ryan Irwin

    my dad said dont ring the numbed because people are trying to muder you

  38. Kendall

    I want a elf on a shelf

  39. samraj

    hai santa how are you???

  40. Aydon

    I want a Nintendo Switch

  41. Anonymous

    Call me 3044265924 ask for Gage ok

  42. Khloe

    I whant to have a real unicorn and more drawling book and markers . Pleas santa

  43. Kamryn

    Can I please get a bunny

  44. Khloe

    Can you call me 8435683064
    From khloe

  45. julianna ringquist

    hi santa its julianna ringquist

  46. Nani

    Hello Santa, I never want have girl friends before because I was really happy with my friends, but from last 7 months my lonelyness hunting me like anything and now am search of pretty girl, Help me out of this by this Christmas…

  47. Anonymous

    I don’t I’m not going out to the gym and then it would mean so much better now that I’m a little more of

  48. Isobel

    Is Christmas the best I went to lap land.

  49. julianna ringquist

    hi santa

  50. Nate

    hoe hoe hoe

  51. Amanda Warner

    I love you and your friends that have been so happy for you and your life ⛄️❄️

  52. Anonymous

    hi santa

    • A

      Santa im eli can you please call me i relly want to speak to you becuase i relly want to call you santa please call me

      Santa you a fucking bich you fucking fack fuck of santa i know you fucking fack just fucking say you fack

  53. A

    Santa im eli can you please call me i relly want to speak to you becuase i relly want to call you santa please call me

  54. Jay cee

    Was looking for a number for my three year old. Said number was disconnected. Total let down. Heart broken..
    Poor kid needs something besides mommy in his life and he got dostroyed. G thanks. New number? Gotta bring up hi $ spirits, his hope and belief. He needs to know theirs good out there…

  55. Merry Christmas

    Hi santa you are the best person!!!!!!!!!!
    Merry CHristmas

  56. Anonymous

    Santa help me with a broken ornament

  57. Chrisjones

    My name is Chris and Amy Jones new TV

  58. Anonymous

    Hi Santa for Christmas I really want a PUPPY

  59. santa

    be good and maybe you will get a puppy. ho oh ho

  60. Bradley mcbride

    Santa hi what is your real phone number

  61. Anonymous


  62. zaria

    are u real or not

  63. Anonymous


  64. Manasi Tag Thapa

    Hello, Santa can you call me

  65. Bradley mcbride

    Santa what is your phone number I am trust worthy

  66. Jason Rodaway

    thankyou for the number





  69. latyana

    hi santa my little sister wants a baby and my brother wants a power ranger

  70. Anonymous

    kia andrews is gay

  71. kia

    amber metz is a cunt

  72. Anonymous

    follow me on ig @amleax

  73. retarded nigger that fucked ur mom

    why the fuck do parents teach their kids about santa? Hes fucking fake, hes something that your parents put on. I just blackmailed them when I was 15, and then got everything I wanted :)

  74. Darbie

    well santa i want to get one gift this year all i want is a……………………………

  75. Hadassah

    Hay Santa I now your number but it does not let me talk to you

  76. freddie

    i have got your number it is not letting me call you please call me

    ps your not nice if your not ansring back

  77. Adrienne nice

    I want an iPhone 7, skinny jeans,

  78. Adrienne nice

    oh and a hoverboard

  79. Madison Goodman

    Santa can I have a iPhone X

  80. Godzilla

    I want a speaker for christmas

  81. Macy

    Have a wonderful Christmas

  82. Buttie but


  83. Anonymous

    That ain’t Santa that’s a voice mail or whatever it’s called

    • maleah

      come today at the house this is the address 22790 Adrian Avenue Apt C and give me a phone and iPhone x a computer

  84. Ellie

    Dear Santa Claus,
    For christmas can i please get a phone . I don’t really mind what phone it is . I just really would like a phone . Thank you if you get me a phone
    I really hope you get me a phone
    Yours sincerely
    Ellie pepper

  85. AMANDA


  86. Libby

    To SANTA
    Have good Christmas want are you a mrs Claus do in to day

    Love libby bea parkin 82 hemen tor view

  87. Campbell

    Good Evening 9am

  88. Bradley mcbride

    Santa please call me also what is your phone number

  89. Bradley mcbride

    Santa why won’t you call me back or tell me your phone number

  90. Libbity

    Hi sants me children has always wanted to go to the North Pole and they absolutely adore you

    From libbity

  91. A

    What is his number me kids crying because want to rings him ?

    Anyone know?

  92. Libbity

    What is his number me kids crying because want to rings him ?

    Anyone know?

  93. Furman Coleman

    yes all call santa claus

  94. John

    Santa can you call my dad 9175301053

  95. Kaylah


    To santa you are the best of luck in the world and you are the best friend that Angell can have

  96. andy cason

    dear santa clus for Christmas iwant some more chooolate coverd bachon and my sister angela cason and tyler blair and parker Wesley adams sheepppard says they will come back for Christmas and maybeee ican bee aelf helper onchristmas eve your friend andy

  97. Kitten Kaboodle

    Santa Claus is a real person….Santa means holy or saint, and Claus is short for Nicholaus, hence
    the name St. Nickolaus or St. Nick. He was originally born in what is now Turkey, and was a very generous gift-giving Christian Bishop helping the needy.

  98. jennifer

    hello santa can u call me pls this year i am little bit good and i wish u will come and give me presents i want branded phone new branded laptop a nice gold chain with gold earrings
    branded shoes branded sunglasses 2sets

  99. jennifer


  100. jennifer

    is santa there?
    hello everyone including santa
    myself jennifer from padmaraonagar secundrebad

  101. Nathan martinrz

    Hi santa l want a

  102. Nathan martinrz

    Hi santa l want a

  103. luke

    luke hi santu

  104. Lisa Jenkins

    Lisa jenkins
    26 want wish list
    New puppy petsmart going gettting

  105. Julena jenkins

    Have a belly in baby santa

  106. Lisa Jenkins

    Nice list or bad list want

  107. johnnie.dukes

    happy christmas and hi santa

  108. Eloise

    Hi santa

  109. Emily

    I hate you You are fat

  110. Pre b 11

    It Dident work for me

  111. Anonymous


  112. Sunny Leone

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  114. Daily

    Dear Santa please can you make all my wishes come true

  115. Daisy

    Dear Santa
    Please make all my wishes true

  116. andy cason

    dear santa clus for christmas iwill let you take some doritos chips tooput into kids stockings your friend andy

  117. Sabrina

    Hi Santa

  118. Sabrina

    Santa me and my sister would like to know where you live?

  119. Anonymous

    Didn’t work

  120. Anonymous


  121. Amira

    it didn’t work I tried to call santa but it said that my call is not recognised

  122. D.haritha

    I need 10 gife for me

  123. Hellen

    can you call me

  124. Rahul

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