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Call Santa Claus – Here’s his Phone Number!


If you want to have some fun with the kiddos, then you’ll definitely want to call up good ol’ Santa Claus. Yes, he actually has a phone number….you didn’t know? ;)

Call 951-262-3062 to get a voice recording of Santa Claus encouraging to leave their list of Christmas gift wishes. I’ve been calling this number for years and each and every time, my kids are just as mesmerized.

P.S. Having Santa’s phone number comes in handy especially when you need to remind your children to behave ;)

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  1. jody

    can i please come to north pole

  2. isabella

    I think it is adorable to have the kids ” call” Santa. The whole idea is awesome.

  3. Anonymous

    This number doesn’t work

  4. VickyT

    I LOVE this!!! Phone number actually works…of course, I was skeptical and HAD to try it! Thanks for this!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Is this number free?

  6. Aimee

    Does anyone know if this number if free? Don’t want to call if it costs a fortune :-/

  7. Beth Michael
    It is a free call to Santa Voice recording and message. Through the listed provider

  8. April

    How cool! This was amazing, I didn’t believe it so I had to call and my daughter listened, she was so happy and shocked she cried!

  9. Cindy

    Can this number be used free in Canada?

  10. Nicky

    for my son he wood like a xbox one s to santa

  11. Anonymous



    I would like a min bmx rc car NV pro scooter

  13. Nicole

    What happens when you leave a message?

  14. mphseason

    Done it ! So how much are they going to charge me, because its not a toll free number ?

  15. Heaven

    Have I been good

  16. CAndice

    I just want to know his you real or fake because some people think you are fake and I think you are face and real at the sam time I just want to know a question want you are real or fake .

  17. Leah

    Can u come and give me a iphone5s pleas

  18. Nicole

    Santa granma d need 100 money

  19. Takiyah

    santa can you also give me a iphone5s

  20. Rossdaboss

    Santa can I have an iPod for next Christmas.

  21. Alyssa

    santa why didn’t you bring me a toy my mom is in Florida sad huh

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