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Triple Chocolate Mason Jar Pancakes

One of the things I love the most is chocolate pancakes. There‚Äôs something incredibly indulging about them, so I always find myself craving a fresh batch of them, but honestly who has time to whip up pancakes each and every day? Not me and definitely…
Om Babes Subscription Box
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Om Babes Yoga Subscription Box Review

Where are my yoga girls at? Ladies, I've got some exciting news, this week we launched the Om Babes Yoga Subscription box for modern babes just like you who love yoga and fitness and are working to align your mind & body. What's in the…

DIY Wood Slice Christmas Wreath

Earlier this fall, we had a small tree fall in our backyard and for the last few months, it's just been laying there taunting me reminding me that I need to either move it further into the woods so I didn't see it anymore..or do…