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5 Ways to Save Money at Walmart without Using Coupons

Walmart is one of the easiest stores to coupon at, between the coupon overage and their generous policy, it’s one of my favorite stores to shop….BUT, I know not all of you have time to coupon, so I thought I’d put together a little blog post on how to save at Walmart without coupons!

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1. Savings Catcher – Have you heard of Walmart’s latest program? It’s called the Savings Catcher and it is in my opinion one of the coolest things in retail right now. Here’s how it works: Once you make a purchase at Walmart you can upload a photo of the receipt with either you Mobile phone or on the computer. Walmart will check the prices of all of the items listed at their competitors stores. If they find a lower price elsewhere, they will give you a Walmart gift card for the difference!

2. Price MatchingWalmart price matches local competitors. If you find a price lower in another store’s sales flyer, you can take the flyer into the store and Walmart will match the price right at the cash register. The bonus is you can ALSO use coupons with the price match.

3. Competitor Coupons – Walmart allows customers to use competitor coupons, with some stipulations. You can use a competitors coupon on an identical item sold at Walmart as long as the coupon states the price and size of the item.

4. Free Ship-to-Store – Want to shop at You can get FREE shipping by having the item shipped to your local store. Sometimes an item may also be available for same-day pickup at your local store.

5. Clearance – Walmart frequently cycles through products and oftentimes has large clearance sections. The best places to find clearance items are on the end of an aisle or in a designated clearance section.

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