3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Apple Dump Cake


In continuing on with our 3 ingredient recipe series, today I’m bringing you a delicious (Da-Lish-Ish) Apple Dump Cake Recipe! You may remember, I attempted this recipe last year with a slight modification and it turned into a big bat fail! Anyway, I had all the correct ingredients this time, and it came out delicious!



  • Can of Apple Pie Filling
  • Box of Yellow Cake Mix
  • 1 Stick of Butter
  • Cook on low for 4 hours


The first thing you are going to want to do is dump the can of apple pie filling into the bottom of the crockpot. Speaking of crock-pots, how cute is this one?? Next, dump the yellow cake mix on top of the apples and then lastly put the stick of butter on top. THAT’S IT! Cook on low for about 4 hours until the top is golden brown.


This is what it looks like once it’s cooked. How freaking delicious does that look? I can practically smell it through the picture! Now you might want to dig right in, because there is nothing better than putting a heaping of ice cream on top and watching it melt!


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  1. janet

    I would like to try this dump cake but 1 question do you put the lid on while it is cooking?

    • Dorothea

      And yes make with the lid on

      • Debbie

        How many people does this feed? I am having some people over tonight and want to know if I should double the recipe? If I double it does it bake longer?

        • Donna

          Don’t know if you ever got an answer to your question.

          I’ve been making this for years in a 9×13 pan and it serves
          about 8 people. I’m going to try this recipe in my crock pot.
          After reading the recipe it’s basically the same but will free up some time and space in the oven. Best wishes from Michigan.

        • DEA

          Did you by chance double it? Did it work?

      • Princess Kay

        8 am cooking it now, but cake mix is still dey on the sides and it’s already been 3 hours . One more gour ro go but i ammore qorried about it’s not cooking throughout.

    • Anonymous

      If you do not know the answer to that question, then you should not be cooking

      • Tabbatha

        if you can’t answer a question nicely maybe you shouldn’t be responding!
        Also I’m not afraid to leave my name.

      • Kathy

        Not nice

      • Ursula

        Your a jerk!

      • Angela

        Naw… you could use the crockpot without a lid. And this should have been in the instructions for newbies. No need not to cook for a good question.

        • AM

          Does anyone recommend cutting the butter up and spacing it around, or just using the whole stick in tact? Making this right now).

          And double checking, no lid? (But doesn’t that let out the heat?)

          Thanks!! :)

      • Linda

        How nice of you. Not everyone is a culinary trained chef.

      • Carol

        Hey Anonymously Jealous….sounds like you made a failed dump cake amongst other things. Why do aholes have the habit of opening their mouths?

      • Anonymous

        I’m her defense, when you bake a cake in the oven you don’t cover it

      • Grace

        Be nice.

      • Anonymous

        You are rude!!!

    • Anonymous

      No….and leave the crokpot unplugged….,..

    • nhôm xingfa tây ninh

      I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader.

  2. Olivia

    What size slow cooker do you have? looks smaller than mine (6 qt.), so I’d probably have to adjust ingredients/cook time.

  3. JILL


    • Hannah

      Yes! In girl scouts we did this and a cherry version using chocolate cake mix

      • Karyn

        I made with blueberry pie filling and some crumb topping before I added the cake mix. Delicious! I also use a spice cake mix, not yellow for Apple recipe

    • Hayley

      Cherries do work! You can put any pie filling & use yellow or white cake mix, I’ve seen it done with spice cake mix & lemon cake mix as well

    • Leann hillmer

      Good for you Tabatha. We all start somewhere! And never hesitate to ask. Too bad some people are so unhappy they have to insult others.

    • Ian Schafer

      I make a chocolate & cherry pudding by mixing the cake mix with a can of black cherries that’s it … line or spray your slow cooker for easy removal … put a tea towel under the lid to absorb the moisture … cook on high 2 hours, serve with thickened cream or ice cream … YUMMO !!!

  4. Jeri

    Do you use the lid or not,
    Can I use spice cake with apples?
    Other fruit or any cake mix?

    • Dorothea

      I’ve made this a few times and with different fruits. Very good and easy. I am gluten free so I tried it with a gluten free cake mix and it was great. My family didn’t even know the difference.

    • Ann

      Hi Jerri, I am new to the Crock-Pot world, but, yes you can exchange cake mixes to reflect your tastes!! I think that the best thing is to play around with it and make it yours!!! Have fun!!! Not sure when you might read this…. but, Happy September!!!

  5. Colleen

    Can this be doubled safely?

  6. Claudine

    I made it like u said and thinkin my slow cooker is a bit larger then pic, cuz the middle where butter was did not brown like the other??

    • Dorothy

      I saw a similar recipe where she blended the cake mix with the butter (melted) and added another 1 TBs of water, to get the cake mix “wet” before putting it on top. It should be crumbly. I am going to try it that way tomorrow, myself.

  7. Rebecca

    Can this be made cooking on high?

    • CC

      Yes it can. You’ll want to reduce the cook time and be sure to watch it :)

  8. Billie

    I did this recipe and it burnt on one side, don’t know why.

    • CC

      Mmm…maybe it was cooking too long. I check mine every 20-30 mins to see how it’s cooking.

    • Gerry

      I just saw someone make a recipe in a crockpot and she took a square of foil and folded a couple of times, keeping it long, and put it against one side of crockpot to avoid over cooking, as she said in some crockpots there is an element that gets hot on the one side. You may want to try this and then spray foil with Pam before putting ingredients in.

    • Angela

      Most crockpots do not actually change temperature to low. That could be the issue also.

  9. Irene Castillo

    Do you spray crockpot with Pam?

  10. Pattie

    Since it’s apple season, can you use fresh apples? Would you have the add some sort of liquid as pie filling has the hell. Love the idea! How about pumpkin pie filling?

  11. Kayce

    Question: the cake mix is going on top of the apples dry or completely mixed?

  12. Marilyn

    what size crockpot is used for the 3 ingredients apple spice cake

  13. Ronda V

    I want to make a double batch. Do I just double everything

  14. Julie

    how many servings and what size slow cooker?

    • angie

      Did you ever find out what size crockpot? I have 6Quart and wondering if that will cook the same?

  15. concerned mom

    I never saw an answer about doubling a recipe or using spice cake??

    • Todd

      The one I tried, it called for spice cake, and I used two cans of fruit because of the size of my cooker (5qt). One stick of butter. Four hours on low, was delish.

      • Janice

        I have a 6 qt. slow cooker. I saw your answer for doubling, however, is it still only one box of cake mix?

        • Sue Johansen

          I never saw the answer for “doubling” this recipe. I’m making it for a larger group, and my crock pot definitely would handle the double ingredients. Just not sure if you double all? Thanks

      • Debbie

        Have you also tried it with the white cake mix? If so, which do you like better?

        • Lilian

          BUDGET. You make it look so custom. You are so brave to do the open shelving too..I still have to much plastic crap….Err I mean kids plates and cups to even try..:)Congrats on another wiianr..:)Hugs,Knren


          Gratulere, den er super kjekk…. Jeg fikk en slik av den ene sønnen til jul. Var vel for Ã¥ gjøre mor litt mer uavhengig. Den funker veldig bra til smÃ¥ ting…..som dine smÃ¥ drivhus..

    • Buddy

      A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this areiclt.


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  16. Anonymous

    has anyone tried double the recipe?

  17. Georgia

    Would like to know if it can be doubled??

    • angie

      Did you try to double it? I was wondering the same thing. Thank you!

      • Anne

        I used two cans apple filling, one spice cake mix, two sticks butter…..
        8 hours on low…. Watch closely, use spray pam

  18. Donna

    I have doubled twice the first didn’t not do well as that particular crock was tall. So I tried one of my other crock pots that is oval — glad to say it turned out perfect.

  19. Tiffany

    Making this as I type, just hit the four hour mark and the cake is totally uncooked still. Especially around the sides. I hope it turns out!!

  20. donna

    I have a 4qrt crockpot will this work?

    • Donna

      I tried the 4 qt the tall crock pot and it didn’t cook well but in the oval crock pot it was great

  21. Holly

    It’s in the crockpot now! Thank you very much for sharing. Can’t wait to taste it! :)

  22. Heather

    I sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top of the apples before I covered with cake mix. It was delicious!!

  23. Joan

    Can this be done with coconut or almond meal and ssweetner

  24. Lily B.

    Has anybody tried this with fresh apples?

  25. Chas

    Doubling the recipe is easy! I made mine in a 6 qt and for every ingredient, I put two of. Two cake boxes, 2 butter, etc.

    • Angela

      Why did you do two cake mixes?? I would think you could do one since that is really just a crust type of thing?

  26. Angela

    Ok I made this today… 1 kid liked it but not as much as my apple crisp that is done in the oven. I thought it was interesting… but to mushy for me no contrasting crunch and way to sweet (cake mix). This is a great test though to see how well your crock pot does… left side to done. Middle perfect. Right side not done enough. LOL…

    This is what I did… I doubled the apples… cut butter in long slices and put over apples for better distribution. Sprinkled about a 1/4 cup of quick cooking oats over the butter so it was covered good. (I used oats because I knew it needed something to soak up the juice if I only used one cake mix.) Sprinkled some vanilla on the oats, I didn’t have powder to put in the cake mix. I then added one white cake mix.

    I drank a glass of milk to cut down on the sugar taste. Didn’t help.

  27. Carmen

    You just have to be creative and go with the flow is what I think

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  29. Sam

    Has anyone tried this in a casserole Crock-Pot? Just wondering if you would need to double it because of the bigger surface area. Thanks

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