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3 Ingredient Dinner: Sour Cream, Parmesan Cheese & Chicken Breast


Hello! I’m back with another 3 ingredient recipe and this one is a super duper easy for the most juicy chicken you’ll ever taste! All you need for this recipe is some chicken breast, sour cream & parmesan cheese (or shaky cheese as my daughter calls it!) :) I wasn’t sure I would like this recipe because I’m not a huge fan of sour cream OR Parmesan cheese. But all in all, it came out so tender and juicy that I didn’t even ‘taste’ the sour cream once it was cooked!



  • Chicken Breast
  • Sour Cream
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Preheat oven to 400


The first thing you want to do is set up your ‘dipping station’. I set up the plate of chicken, my sour cream, a plate with the parmesan cheese dumped onto it and lastly my glass baking dish.

I used a small spatula to lather the sour cream all over the chicken. Be careful not to overdo it unless you want to feel that tang in the back of your jaw when you bite into it! ;) Then dip the sour cream chicken into the Parmesan cheese and coat the entire chicken breast.

This is what your chicken should look like in the pan. Fully coated and covered with sour cream and parmesan cheese. Put it into the oven until the chicken is fully cooked thoroughly (25-30 minutes).

And this is what it looks like fully cooked. We served it with smashed potatoes & asparagus.


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  1. Kate

    is this freezer friendly? If so, can it be cooked in the crockpot or just baked after thawed?

  2. deborah

    family loves this! I add parsley to the Parm… 3rd request for it!

  3. Carolyn Massey

    I’m always looking for new recipes and so glad you posted these 3 ingredient recipes. This chicken recipe looks yummy and of course easy to make. We eat a lot of chicken so this would be a change for the family. Thank you.

  4. Sheri

    Could I use non fat plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream?

  5. Bee

    Did not like this the flavors clashed and I was left with globs of the mixture spread out on the chicken

  6. Ashley

    Yummy recipe! Easy to do also. Thanks!

  7. Diane

    Thanks for the easy, yummy recipes. I’m not a mom but single and don’t like to go to too much fuss for a party of one!!

    Also, I’m so on-board with Lalarue. Did I spell that right? Thanks for the blog. Keep it up. I going searching the chicken over the mashed potatoes helped to mellow some of the mustard and the sour cream.
    Blessings to you both and thanks again.


    • Tangela

      Niesamowite że z tak dużymi kamieniami sobie poradzi. No i do tego jest sprzęgło, które chroni przed usoazdzenikmi. U nas niestety jest sporo przeszkód w glebie i ludzie co byli na wycenie stwierdzili, że trzeba będzie ręcznie bo ich maszyna nie podoła.Ale z tego co widzę na filmie to i tak trzeba się trochę poruszać przy tej kopareczce, nie ma tak lekko Sierpień 8, 2011

  8. Christy

    Love this recipe! Also, my kids who are now teenagers have always called the green can of parm “shakey” cheese too… haha! Thx

  9. Clementina Tee

    The further I see, the more the greater your substance is.

  10. Moran Christina

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  11. Chantelle

    I love the simplicity of this recipe, however a few things I noted. The pictures do not work, also the instructions and ingredients are a bit vague. You say it serves 3, so I am assuming 3 chicken breasts, I am just going with my gut as to how much sour cream and parmesan to use. You says bake 25 – 30 mins, but how high should I set the oven?


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