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10 Ingenius Ways to Store Board Games

If your house is anything like mine, it is a damn chore to find all of the game pieces in one place. in one room. oh one universe. Every time we want to play family game night we actually have to play hide-and-go seek FIRST just to find the pieces to play the game. I have had enough of stepping on Monopoly houses (ouch!), finding dice in my couch cushions, and getting down on all fours to look for playing cards under the couch…my household needs a system. And luckily there are some amazing and brilliant and ‘why didn’t I think of that’ organizational ideas for board games. Below you will find my favorites!


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1. This is one of those organization tips that I see on Pinterest and I’m like, why the FREAK did I not think of this! My daughter has one of these hanging closet organizers in her closet, it’s supposed to be there to organize her school outfits by day…do you really think that happens on a regular basis? No! I might as well fill it up with her board games so I don’t have to step on pieces all over her bedroom!


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2. Um. Hello. There are so many versatile uses for a pot lid rack, that this game organization doesn’t surprise me..but it is one of those things..that oh heck..I didn’t think of that either! This would be a great way to store games in the family room under a coffee table.


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3. No…. this one is really genius! How many times do you have broken boxes or pieces falling out of the boxes when the kids are moving them around? All. The. Time. Putting a rubber band around each box is just like putting a bra on your boobs, it holds everything in place..just where it’s supposed to be.


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4. I love this tip for those of us who don’t have a whole lot of room to store boxes! Buy some of these larger ziploc bags and dump everything into the bag. Zip it up and store it in a nice basket. Genius!


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5. As soon as I saw this card storage tip..I knew that it was a tip for me. How many random Uno, Skip-bo, Old Maid cards do you find laying around the house, under the couch, in your bed or under the oven? In my household…all of them. Do yourself a favor, go to the Dollar store and pick yourself up some travel soap containers to store your card games.


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6. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love these little plastic drawer things and I already use them to store my craft supplies, so why not game pieces! You can usually get them pretty inexpensively at Walmart or Target. Label each drawer with the game name and voila, you’ve got yourself some stylish and practical storage that doesn’t break the bank!

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7. This idea. This. What? Why? It’s brilliant! With a rolling cart you can bring all of your game boards into any room in the house. OR if you are like me and occasionally play board games at a neighbors house (while drinking wine) you can just roll your board games next door!


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8. This ish is so classy, I can’t even. Can’t even. Custom jar labels for my games? Um..YES Please! I peeped these on Pinterest and have already made myself a mental note to make some of these for myself. Which actually means, tell my graphic designer husband to get on that ish now! If he makes them for me, I’ll make them available for FREE download for you too…but you need to sign up for my newsletter to get em!


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9. here’s a new way of thinking…instead of stacking the game board boxes like we normally’s actually a whole heck of a lot easier to store them vertically with the game board name facing up. That way you don’t have to disrupt any of the games when you pick out a box!


Photo Credit: Game Savers

10. Wait? You mean to tell me they actually sell Game Board savers? Where have these been all of my life! At $15.00 bucks a pop that’s not a bad price to ensure that you’ll all the pieces to your game boards for years to come! Problem Solved.


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