Designer Room Knock Offs

  • pottery-barn-almas-kilm

    Almas Kilim Pottery Barn Pillow Knock Off Living Room

    Today’s room re-do came courtesy of reader Elizabeth, who really liked the look of this Southwestern inspired Pottery Barn room. I loved this room and can certainly appreciate why she would want to see this room done on a budget! Just the coffee table alone was close to $800! The only item I had a […] Read more…

  • blue-egg-brown-nest

    Blue Egg Brown Nest Dining Room Recreated on a Budget

    Today’s designer re-do was sent to me by Becky of Becky & Brittany and she was in love with this dining room featured on Blue Egg Brown Nest. This dining room was originally featured in Cottage Magazine..and omg..I can see why she wanted to do this re-create..because it is gorgeous! Here are a few lower […] Read more…


  • pastainonepot

    Dutch Oven One Pot Linguine Pasta Dinner

    Ever since I saw this post on Pinterest, I knew I had to try my hand at a one-pot pasta dinner! I have a severely under-used dutch oven that needs some recipe love! Y’all know how much I love dead simple recipes..but what I also love is a recipe that doesn’t call for a whole […] Read more…

  • leftoverbread

    Leftover Lasagna Bread Recipe

    I don’t know about you…but whenever I make a lasagna, I ALWAYS have leftovers…and unfortunately….almost everyone in my family HATES eating leftovers..including me Read more…


  • baby-shower-gifts

    Baby Boy Shower Thank You Gift Around $1.00 each

    This past weekend, a few girlfriends and I put together a baby shower for a neighbor and managed to do it on a budget. I was in charge of the Thank you gifts and decided to make these cute Jelly Jar Candy gifts. Read more…

  • cropped-shelf

    DIY Rope Shelf for Tweens Room

    When I re-decorated my son’s room this past summer, I wanted him to have a sophisticated room with some traditional elements. I spotted this shelf on Design Sponge, and knew that it would be perfect in his room and go great with the headboard we made him! Materials Used: (2) 3ft Pine Boards (2) Nylon […] Read more…

Pro Tips

  • toiletpaperpricing

    Extreme Couponers Stock Up Price for Toilet Paper Revealed

    As a frugal shopper, I’m always on the hunt for a good deal on items that my family uses everyday…one of those items is toilet paper! There is nothing worse than paying money for something that you literally flush down the toilet…am I right? :) I wanted to share with you one of my secrets […] Read more…

  • 101-freethings-wide

    101 Completely FREE Things to Do with your Family

    Did you ever notice how much money you spend on the weekends? I don’t know about you, but each weekend, I think to myself..the kids are out of school and my husband is off from we GOTTA go out and do something…and then within two days…48 hours… we manage to spend a LOT of […] Read more…

My Home

  • makeup-brush-holder

    My Home. My Loves. My Stories { Week 3}

    Each Tuesday, I’m going to invite you into my home and share some of my personal favorite items in my house and the story behind them. Today I want to show you the makeup brush holder that my husband made. It’s by far one of my favorite pieces he’s made with this side business, Ida […] Read more…

  • kids-cabinet-wide

    My Home. My Loves. My Stories {Week 2}

    Happy Tuesday! Each week, I bring you into my home and show you a little more into the everyday life of this money saving sister ;) Today I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite rehab projects! Two years ago I scored this beauty at a Salvation Army for $100 dollars. It […] Read more…