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Pro Tips

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    101 Completely FREE Things to Do with your Family

    Did you ever notice how much money you spend on the weekends? I don’t know about you, but each weekend, I think to myself..the kids are out of school and my husband is off from we GOTTA go out and do something…and then within two days…48 hours… we manage to spend a LOT of […] Read more…

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    How to Use a Menu Plan to Save Money & Your Sanity in under 30 Minutes!

    How many times have you looked at the clock and it’s already 5 o’clock and you think…OMG, what is for dinner? You scan the freezer and all you see is FROZEN meat. Nothing is thawed out and the baby is crying and your kids are asking you “Mom, what’s for dinner”. HELP! I’ve been there…wayy […] Read more…


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    Branch Art – Fall Wreath with Golden Pinecones

    Is anyone else’s yard overcome with branches and leaves? I decided to put them to good use and made a cute super easy-to-make wreath and overall I like how it came out! I started with a wreath wire I purchased from Walmart and used cut the branches approximately the same length using pruning sheers. Then […] Read more…

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    Free Halloween Printables for 2014

    One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for Halloween is by throwing some of these fun Halloween printables in a frame! I created these 4 Halloween themed printables just for you! Download them and pop them into a frame to put on your mantle, shelf or hang it on the wall! If you […] Read more…

My Home

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    My Home. My Loves. My Stories {Week 2}

    Happy Tuesday! Each week, I bring you into my home and show you a little more into the everyday life of this money saving sister ;) Today I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite rehab projects! Two years ago I scored this beauty at a Salvation Army for $100 dollars. It […] Read more…

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    My Home. My Loves. My Stories {Week 1}

    Happy Tuesday! It’s time to introduce a new segment to the blog and it’s called “My Home. My Loves. My Stories.“ Each week I’m going to bring you inside of my home and show you one or a few of my favorite things. Gratitude is a huge deal in my life, and taking the time […] Read more…