If You Love the Le Klint Pendant Lamp, You Will Love the Ikea Knockoff!


I camp across the Le Klint Pendant Lamp and instantly knew where Ikea got the idea for their Knappa lamp. But at a whopping $543 dollars, the Ikea lamp is a MUCH better buy. I mean you can buy 20 of these lamps and put them all over your room for that kind of money! Do yourself a favor, and go with the cheaper lighting fixture and spend the money on a nicer piece of furniture :)

Pottery Barn Ava Desk & Tufted Chair Office Makeover on a Budget!


I’m taking a break today from revealing my daughter & sons shared bedroom, to bring you a post from the designer look on a budget series! Today’s inspiration room is a recreation of this Pottery Barn office featuring the Ava Desk & Tufted Arm Chair.

I figured it’s almost fall and for some reason, when September hits,  it kicks me back into work mode. The start of the school year = back to work for me! Maybe some of you are like that, and would like a little refresh in your home office!

Here are the items used in the room:

Threshold Tufted English Chair $179
Better Homes & Gardens Hinged Desk Lamp Bronze Finish $39.97
Josephine Desk $169
Bouquet of 20 White Tulips $39.99
Diamond Pattern Ikat Rug $99
Mirrored Tray $39
Succulent Plant Globe Planter $29

Got a room you’d like me to recreate on a budget? Send me a photo of the room or a link to a website to chrystievachon AT gmail.com!

Creating the Perfect Kid’s Book Nook in a Tight Space


As soon as I decided to combine Saylor & Finely’s room into a shared boys & girls space, I knew I wanted to have a book nook for them to read books in their room. They both love books and I have these visions of Saylor sitting next to Finely and reading him books at night. (Realistically, they’ll most likely be chucking these books all over the room as soon as I let em have access to it!) 


The first thing I did was take this old book shelf that Pete found on the side of the road (when he was in college!) and painted it white using regular old satin finish white paint. P.S. Yes, there is can of white spray paint near the bookcase, but I was using it for a different project ;)


Last week, I told you how to make these Decoupage Book Nook letters out of wooden letters found at Walmart and pages from Dr. Seuss books. I attached those to the wall vertically using mounting tape because they did not hooks or holes on the book to hang.


I then placed some of Saylor’s favorite books on the top shelves & Fin’s most prized books on the bottom shelf for easy access! I usually style bookcases by color, but this time decided that it was not worth my effort because those kids were just going to pull all of the books of the shelf anyway! :)


I would love to see your projects! Leave a link to your blog post of your child’s book nook in the comments!

Kid’s Room: Small Closet Makeover on a Budget


I’m finally finished creating a boys & girl’s shared space in my home! I will be revealing all the makeover goodness each day this week! First, I’m going to start off by showing the closet transformation!

To say that Saylor’s closet was a disaster PRE-renovation would’ve been an understatement. First of all, it was home to every single candy wrapper, random whirlygig and missing sock… not to mention dirty laundry, and obviously (as shown above) the closet was severely under-utilized..what..are there like 5 hangers in there? In order to make room for Finn’s crib, I knew that I was going to have to remover Saylor’s dresser from the room and find a way to get all of her clothes neatly organized in the closet. And my goal was to do this as cheaply as possible, sorry California Closets, I cannot afford you!


The first thing I did was paint the closet. I, lazily did not paint the closet when I painted the room last year. So I made up for it by painting the inside of the closet the same color as the walls which was, Mysticl Sea by Valspar.


Next I had this bright idea to put the Closetmaid dressers that were in our master bedroom closet into Saylor’s closet. (Remember, I’m trying to do this on a budget and re-purpose as much existing furniture as possible). I liked the way it looked but knew that I needed a little more space, so I purchased the Closetmaid Cubes at Walmart for $15.00 each and put them on each side of the dresser.


I liked the way it looked but if felt too dark in the closet, so I thought I would liven it up with a little chevron stencil. Have I ever told you how much I freaking hate stencils. I just plain suck at the them, but I thought I would give it another try. NOPE. Still Hate them! The drawers ended up looking like this..and you know what I did? I sprayed some Windex on the dresser and completely wiped that chevron off! LOL. Okay, starting over!


I went back to Walmart and decided it might be fun to do something with Duck Tape. So I bought White duck tape and went back to the drawers and outlined them with the tape. I liked the way it looked..kinda modern!


I then went through all of Saylor’s clothing and hung up everything that could be hung up..and sorted by color. I always do this in my closets…I’m not sure why! ;)


I added some fabric boxes on the shelf above her closet (stolen from her brother’s room) and hid the sheet sets and extra clothing she had up there!

I really like how it came out and I’m excited to see how long this look lasts, before I’m finding candy wrappers and my husband’s missing socks in there. But a girl can dream, right? ;)


FREE First Day of School 2014 Chalkboard Printable


I can’t believe Summer is already over! I was just on Facebook and noticed a few of my friend’s kids have already started school! But…wait…what?? I thought I’d whip up a FREE little printable for you to use as a prop on the first day of school!

Download First Day of School 2014 Printable Here

Pop this printable into a frame and have your son or daughter hold it out in front of them on the first day of school for a cute memory!

Shared Boy & Girl Bedroom Makeover: The Before Pictures


After a lot of thinking, debating, talking, Pete and I have decided that it’s time to put Finley (our baby boy) in the same room with this sister, Saylor. For a while, we contemplated making an addition above our roof or buying a new home, but neither of those options are smart right now financially. Even though I did not want to put Finley in the same room with Saylor (I feel like she’s too old to share a room), we are doing it. P.S. Saylor is super stoked to be sharing a room with her brother, so what do I know! ;)

My main goal in creating a shared boy’s & girl’s room was to make a space that worked for both of them and was decorated in a tasteful, clean, modern manner…all while on a budget. My original budget was $0! But, I did end up purchasing a few things and I’m liking the way it is looking so far! So alas, the reluctant mom carries on…

Next week, I’ll be doing some of the big reveal of the shared space, so I thought you might be interested to see what the room looked like before!

Here were some of the original guidelines I gave myself in re-decorating the room:

  • Low Budget or No Budget
  • Re-use existing furniture, bins, baskets, wall decor
  • Move all of Saylor’s clothes into the closet & get rid of her dresser
  • Keep paint color the same
  • Create a book nook

Stay tuned next week, when I show you the new room and some of the projects! P.S. I’ve already shared the Dr. Seuss Letter Project here!

DIY Decoupage Dr. Seuss Read Sign for Children’s Book Nook


I’m in the middle of combining my daughter’s room with my son’s nursery…only he never had a nursery. From the day he was born, Finley slept in our room because we didn’t have a nursery for him. The time has come, however, for him to move out of our room (finally!) and join his sister in her room.


I’m still putting the new room together, but I wanted to make a cute room sign above the kids bookcase. So I purchased these classic style letters are Walmart for $1.25 and purchased some old Dr. Seuss books at Goodwill.


These were super simple to make and if you’ve never worked with ModPodge before prepare to have some sticky fingers! ;) The first thing I did was rip out some colorful pages out of the book. I looked for cool patterns and shapes and of course, some of my favorite characters to include on the letters.


Then what I did was covered the letter in a thick layer of ModPodge and layed the page onto of it. I then covered the top of the page with Mod Podge until it was pretty wet. While it was still wet, I was able to wrap the pages around the edges of the letter. ModPodge is VERY forgiving, so if a page rips, you can just use the ModPodge to glue it down and then cover it with another tiny piece of paper. You’ll also want to make sure to work out any air bubbles that come up under the paper.


Reader Room Inspiration: How Do I Decorate with a Red Couch?


I received this email from Nicky:

“I have a red couch that I just do not know how to style. I hate the yellow paint on our walls. I like the looks of pottery barn, restoration hardware and like the look of the modern farmhouse.”

I am partial to red couches! The first couch I ever bought myself was a bright red couch, and I absolutely loved the pop of color it gave my living room. Two kids later…and I eventually had to get rid of it (death to juice boxes & cracker crumbs! :) So I was very excited to find and re-create an inspiration room for Nicky!

I found this Inspiration Room and knew that it was a great mix of modern farmhouse with a nice big red couch smack dab in the middle of the living room. My favorite part of this room, and Nicky will appreciate this, is the white paint on the walls. Now I know most people want color on the walls, but the thing is..when you have a red couch..that’s all the color you need in that room! Some of my favorite soft white paint colors are: Lily of the Valley & China White by Benjamin Moore.

Here’s a breakdown of the affordable pieces to complete the room.

1. Ikea Ektorp Sofa (Idemo Red) $499
2. Tufted Chair $269
3. Allen & Roth Bamboo Lamp $39.20
4. Decorative Pillows – Starting at $16.99 & Coral Pillow $28.95
5. Blakely 3-Color Ikat – Brown Taupe (54×95″) $49.99
6. Better Homes & Gardens Rustic Coffee Table $105
7. Family Print $7.77

Do you have a room, you’d like me to re-create? Send a picture of your inspiration room to chrystievachon@gmail.com.

Big Boy Bed Time – Modern Room Design for the Coolest Toddler Boy


Oh no! It’s time for your little baby boy to leave the crib and graduate to a big boy bed! :) What a better way to reward him for being such a big boy than with his own cool-as-heck big boy bedroom! :)

Today I put together a few hipster-y/modern pieces for you to fill out your little man’s new room! If you saw this post from a few days ago, you know that I’m obsessed with the teepee look for a nice little reading nook, so I managed to work the red & star teepee from Walmart into the room!

1. JONOSFÄR Pendant lamp at Ikea $16.99

2. Red & Star Teepee from Walmart $79.00

3. Rugby Navy & White Comforter from Target $15.99

4. Counting & Shape Sorting Toys from Ikea $12.99

5. TROGEN Storage Bench from Ikea $79.00

6. Modern Rocking Chair at Brookstone.com (because he’s not too big to be rocked by Mommy!) $114.08

7. Arrow Prints from Etsy $15.00

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